Dear user, for optimal use of products, please read the following carefully before placing an order and buying. Please note that registering, entering and registering an order means being aware of and accepting the terms and conditions of using the online store services by the user.
 Intellectual property rights
All content on the site and each of the services and products is part of the property and assets of this store and the right to use and publish all content is the exclusive property of this site. Any use of images and copying of products without obtaining a license is subject to legal prosecution.
Respect for consumer rights
All our efforts and those of our colleagues in the store are to ensure that the products reach the end consumers with the lowest price and the highest quality. Customer and consumer satisfaction is one of our priorities for maintaining the credit that has been gained over the years. Due to the fact that online sales services are new in Iran, building trust, peace of mind and customer satisfaction in online shopping has always been one of the priorities of our store, in this regard, we try to make every order in the desired and expected conditions. Reach the customer. However, esteemed customers may encounter issues after the purchase, in which case the services are provided within the framework of after-sales service.
7-day money back guarantee
All products that must reach the consumer physically healthy have a guarantee of authenticity and physical health and are not subject to a 7-day test and return period. It should be noted that the items that are sent as a gift by the store along with the order and are included in the sales invoice with the amount of zero Rials, are not included in the 7-day exchange guarantee. If the purchased product has a defect or technical defect, the buyer must share the defect or technical defect with the store within 7 working days after receiving the product. In order to use the 7-day return guarantee, it is necessary to keep the box and packaging of the goods until the end of 7 days. Return of goods and products of the store in the package sent to use the guarantee? Fasting is mandatory. Any scratches, tears and damage to the packaging sent by the store will eliminate the 7-day return guarantee. Considering that the receipt of the goods from the carrier company indicates its correctness, any technical and visual defects (fractures, scratches and the like on the body of the goods and decorative parts) that are created due to improper use of the sent products This guarantee is not included. If the purchased product is inconsistent with the website information in terms of specifications or physical appearance, the site support unit must be notified by phone, email or in person within 72 working hours after receiving the product. If the discrepancy is visible without the use of the product, such as the color or specifications on the package, the product must be in its original condition and not used. If it is possible to detect a discrepancy without opening the package, it is possible to process the customer"s request if the product has not been removed from its original packaging. If it is possible to detect the discrepancy only by opening the package, it is necessary to keep the carton and the main box of the sent products and to avoid throwing it away.
Cancel purchase
Due to the fact that buying from your site and registering your order is costly and time consuming, please be careful in purchasing and registering your order. However, if you cancel your purchase after registering your order, if the order has not been sent yet, the site support should be notified as soon as possible. If you cancel your purchase after receiving the purchased goods, you must notify the site sponsor of your cancellation within a maximum of 7 working days. In this case, the return of the goods after the confirmation of the support of the site, is possible only if it is in its original condition (sealed), it has not been used, and it is sent with all the necessities and accompanying items. Also, if the product is sold with a gift, it is necessary to return the gift with it. Please note that any change in the original condition of the product, even in the packaging, will eliminate the possibility of using this service. Also, in case of cancellation of the purchase, the delivery of the goods will be the responsibility of the customer.
Due to the insurance of exquisite products and the use of safe and standard packaging of all shipments, delivery to any of the reputable shipping companies of the user"s choice and announcement of the shipment bill of lading means that any accident occurs during shipment. Delivery is the responsibility of the shipping company and the store will only compensate for the damage if approved by the shipping company and in order to facilitate follow-up. Damage must be reported to the site support within 72 working hours after receipt of the goods. It is necessary to keep the carton and the main box of products and to avoid throwing it away. Use of this service is possible only if the product is returned to the store in its original carton or box. Labeling or writing the description, address or any other item on the carton or the main box of the product or tearing and distorting it will eliminate the possibility of using the return guarantee. The damaged product and all its accessories and accessories must be sent to the support of the site in the same way as the customer has received, along with the official meeting form of the carrier company and the purchase invoice. If the damage is visible at the moment, the customer can refuse to receive the shipment to be checked and sent back. Products that are sent with insurance through the postal company, the customer can receive the goods after sufficient assurance of the health of the goods, in case of damage, the customer can refuse to receive the shipment to be checked and sent back. Be. Receipt of goods from the shipping company indicates the correctness of the goods when sending, in this case, incorrect use after delivery of goods such as transportation and handling, installation and commissioning, maintenance and non-different uses are not included in this guarantee. .
All our efforts and those of our colleagues in the store are to ensure that the products reach the end consumers with the lowest price and the highest quality. The store, while respecting the privacy of users, requests information from users to purchase, register or use some features of the website in order to provide safe and secure services to buyers. To process and send the order, information such as address, phone number and e-mail are required, and since all the activities of the store are legal and based on the rules of e-commerce, and during the purchase process, an official invoice is issued, so enter information such as National name and code for natural persons or economic code and national ID for corporate purchases are required. Customers can enter another person"s name, address and phone number to receive the order, and the store will use this information only to send the same order. The store may also use certain information to communicate with customers, optimize store content and marketing research, and send emails or text messages to members of the Website to inform them of events and news, special services or promotions. If users do not wish to receive such emails and text messages, they can unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter in their profile. The Store may edit reviews and comments submitted by users in accordance with the rules of the Website. Also, if the comment or message sent by the user is subject to instances of criminal content, the store can use the recorded information for legal action. It is the responsibility of the users to maintain the password and to prevent any possible misuse, users should not disclose it to another person. The store keeps users" personal identities confidential and does not transfer their personal information to any other person or organization, unless required by law to provide it to the competent authorities. If you do not want to receive our emails and newsletters? You can click on the word unsubscribe at the bottom of the email page. The store does its best to protect the information and privacy of its users and hopes to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience for all users. If there are any questions? Please contact us with the contact information on the Contact Us tab
Shipping cost of returned goods
If a technical defect, technical or physical discrepancy or apparent damage is confirmed by the site support, shipping costs will be borne by the store. To deposit the postage to the customer"s account, the postal receipt with the seal of the postal company must be sent to the art school along with the goods. In case of cancellation of the purchase, or if the objection or discrepancy is not confirmed by the support of the site, the cost of sending and receiving the goods will be the responsibility of the customer.
Pre-production goods
Some handicrafts are available as a pre-order due to their exquisite nature and time consuming nature. When registering your order, please pay attention to the availability and pre-order of the selected product. If the goods are available as a pre-order, your order will be ready within 2 to 5 working days after receiving the goods and according to the type of goods purchased. In rare cases, if the ordered product requires a period of more than one month, it will be coordinated with you.